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What Hair Style Suits Your Face Shape?

I’m pretty certain that every girl at some point in her life wonders what hair style would suit her best. Over on UKHairdressers there’s now a virtual hairstyle guide that can help answer this question.

First you simply need to identify what shape face you have (heart shaped, round shaped, oval shaped, long shaped or square shaped) and then read up on the hairstyle that’s best suited to your individual shape. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what shape your face is, there’s instructions on how to determine this.

Personally I have a square shaped face (doesn’t sound very good does it?!) so I’d suit a style that’s feathered at the top and soft around my eyes. The best part about the virtual hairstyle guide is that you can upload your own photo to see what the style would actually look like! Find out what style would suit you …

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