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Beautiful Wedding Curls

Beautiful Wedding CurlsI love this updo; it’s so glamorous and would be perfect for a wedding or prom. All you need to do to get this look is tie your hair into a ponytail then pick up small sections at a time and use your straightners to curl each section.

Using Kirby grips, pick up each curl and grip the end of the section to your hair 2-3 inches from the hair band. Make sure you spread the curls evenly around the hair band in a circle.

Last but not least decorate the style with some diamante hair clips and secure a tiara at the front of the curly creation!

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Wedding Curls”

  1. Jen Says:

    i like this up and i have a wedding coming up thanks for the tips. =)

  2. nicole Says:

    i like this one a lot. i have an 8th grade graduation coming up and i went through at least 35 pages of google looking for something i like, and this is the only one that i found. thank you. :]