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Nicky Clarke Conditioner Wins Grazia Award

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Nicky Clarke Smooth ItNicky Clarke’s Optimum Condition in 60 Seconds has won the Grazia Hair Award for ‘best budget deep conditioner 2007’. The conditioner is part of the popular Smooth It range where all the products are dedicated to keeping hair straight and frizz free. The product is a high shine moistening treatment that conditions deep into the roots ensuring your hair is always perfectly soft and smooth.

The treatment also helps protect hair against heat styling such as blow drying, straighteners and curling irons.

The product only costs £4.99 for a 150ml tube, this is one of the reasons the product was chosen by Grazia – because it offers customers great value for money. Available on the Superdrug website.

Prom Tiaras

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Prom TiaraProm time is approaching and I imagine there are still some of you that haven’t quite found your perfect dress or matching accessories. I personally think that a prom outfit isn’t complete without a tiara, even if you’re not the prom queen you can still feel like a princess. Simple but stunning is often the way to go with a tiara.

Prom TiaraThere are many tiaras on the market but often they are quite expensive, if you’re only going to wear it once there’s not much point spending £100’s on one accessory. I have just found a website that sells them for between £15 and £75, most of which are around the £20 – £25 mark. These two are my favourites, the top left tiara is £20 and the other £30. Both can be bought at Bexicles.

Ghd Summer Travel Bag

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Ghd Travel BagGhd have now launched their 2007 summer travel bag and it really is a set to be proud of. The bag itself is illustrated with a fresh, colourful design inspired by catwalk collections and inside is a collection of products that every girl simply must have! Included is a new ghd styler with a rounder barrel than the original, a heat resistant iron pouch and a matching cosmetic purse.

Also included in the bag is a selection of ghd thermodynamics products; replenish shampoo and conditioner, thermal protector, sea spray and polishing serum. They also provide you with a demonstration DVD so you can learn different ways of using the styler to create specific hot looks!

The summer travel bag is available on the official ghd website and at Amazon.co.uk for £145.

Head Candy For Royal Ascot Week

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Royal Ascot HatsAre you off to the Royal Ascot Races this week? If so, you definitely need to stand out from the crowd with some hair accessories. If like me you never wear hats or headbands then take advantage of the week and really liven up your locks. I have found some great ideas on the Next website; hats and fluff seem to be the in accessories for a day at the races.

The hat on the left is a black and white bow hat, it costs £25 and will go with most colours. The next item is a black and white net fascinator and will cost you £15, I love this accessory, it adds that little bit extra without being too overwhelming. That last hat is stunning; you will need to wear this with either pink or black so there aren’t too many overpowering colours. It costs £35 and is both a hat and fluff together.

Are You Off to The Races?

Friday, June 15th, 2007

M&S Feather ClipIf you are lucky enough to be attending the Royal Ascot races next week then you will definitely need some head candy! Feathered hair accessories are a perfect finish to a posh outfit and great if you don’t want to wear a hat but feel a bit plain without something in your hair. This turquoise feather and fluff side clip from Marks & Spencer’s will be a great addition to a black, white or light turquoise outfit, especially if your hair is in a stylish up-do.

The clip costs £15, if turquoise is too overpowering for your outfit then they also have a pale pink comb version or a white diamante and feather clip. All are stunning and very suitable for a day at the races!

Give Your Hair Some Volume

Monday, June 11th, 2007

VideoJug: How To Blow Dry Your Hair To Create Volume

If you suffer from flat lifeless locks then here’s a quick video to demonstrate how you should blow dry your hair. Notice the strokes she uses with her brush – this lifting effect is the key technique to adding volume.

Beach Hair Accessories

Friday, June 8th, 2007

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot this summer these headscarfs look fab with a bikini and big sunglasses. They also take the pressure off having to style your hair around the beach or pool (which is almost impossible!)

Simply scrape your hair back into a loose ponytail and slide the scarf on to cover the front section of your head. Slip on some big sunglasses for a real celeb look. If your hair doesn’t tangle very easily you could also leave your locks down with these headscarfs, and just cover up the frizzy bits at the front.

There are loads of different styles and sizes available, and usually at very reasonable price. The top photo is a Leaf Print Bando from Monsoon, and costs just £6. It’s black and white so you could probably wear it with most bikinis, although make sure you don’t overdo it on the print as it’s quite loud on its own! The bottom photo is a Circle Print Headscarf from Topshop, also £6. This one has an elasticated back and extra tie detail.

Diva Feather Butterfly Clip

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Butterfly ClipWhenever I put my hair up it looks so boring and I never have any nice accessories to play around with. I have just seen this pretty deep purple feather butterfly clip on the Miss Selfridge website in the Diva collection and simply fell in love with it. I can just imagine throwing my hair up in a messy bun and gripping in the clip so it looks really natural. This purple shade is great for the summer as well and could really brighten up and simple white outfit.

The clip only costs £4 but look closely at the detail in the feathers, it is so realistic – people will probably be trying to bat it off of your head! The purple is decorated with white, gold and black detail, available on the Miss Selfridge website.

Mark Hill Salon Sexy Curls Conditioner

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Mark Hill Salon Sexy Curls ConditionerI haven’t actually used this conditioner but a couple of my friends absolutely rave about it, if you’re a fan of Mark Hill products yourself then please let us know your opinion of this conditioning product.

This specific conditioner is for you lasses and lads with curly hair, the product helps define curls while nourishing the roots and helps to repair damaged hair. You should apply the conditioner after you have shampooed thoroughly and leave it in for 5 – 10 minutes if you have time. This will really help soften then hair and make it appear shiny and healthy. It also helps to control frizz if this is your problem area.

Mark Hill Salon Sexy Curl Conditioner is currently available at Boots for just £5.49.

Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Hair ProductsApparently there is a right and a wrong way to wash your hair, if you don’t wash your hair correctly you could damage it and end up with far from luscious locks. Here are some handy tips to make sure you always shampoo and condition your hair to perfection.

Firstly, comb your hair before you get in the bath or shower, if you have tangled hair before you rinse it you will end up splitting and damaging your hair. Once combed, rinse your hair with warm water to open up your follicles and rinse out any previous products you have used while styling. Then place a circle of shampoo onto your palm and rub your palms together slightly, now apply the shampoo to your scalp and gently massage. Be careful not to get too much shampoo on the ends as this dries the hair and also avoid rubbing vigorously as this will split and tear the ends. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly.

Some people like to shampoo their hair again to ensure their scalp is properly treated, I tend to just do this once a week though. Once the shampoo is out, place a small amount of conditioner onto your palm, rub hands together and apply to the ends of your hair and around your hair line. Don’t place too much conditioner directly onto your scalp or your hair may appear greasy once dry. Try to leave the conditioner on for 5 – 10 minutes, this will soften the ends and help to stop it from drying out.

Finally, rinse out the conditioner using warm water, then turn the heat down and give it a quick rinse under some cold water – this will add a little extra shine once your hair is dry. During the process of washing your hair, try not to tug it or rub too hard or you could damage your strands leading them to break off.

And done!