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Ghd Summer Travel Bag

Ghd Travel BagGhd have now launched their 2007 summer travel bag and it really is a set to be proud of. The bag itself is illustrated with a fresh, colourful design inspired by catwalk collections and inside is a collection of products that every girl simply must have! Included is a new ghd styler with a rounder barrel than the original, a heat resistant iron pouch and a matching cosmetic purse.

Also included in the bag is a selection of ghd thermodynamics products; replenish shampoo and conditioner, thermal protector, sea spray and polishing serum. They also provide you with a demonstration DVD so you can learn different ways of using the styler to create specific hot looks!

The summer travel bag is available on the official ghd website and at for £145.

3 Responses to “Ghd Summer Travel Bag”

  1. jessica Says:

    were do i get the summer gift set from in middlesbrough…?

  2. gianni Says:

    I think all the summer bags are now sold out. GHD have just released a new set though, where you get the medium styler, a black heat proof roll pouch, two clips and a heat protection spray.

  3. shana Says:

    i so dig this whole clloection it is so beautifull…i think that my whole world would be crushing in on me when i am going to finally own this sometime…..GHD itsnot a religion its a way of life