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Prom Tiaras

Prom TiaraProm time is approaching and I imagine there are still some of you that haven’t quite found your perfect dress or matching accessories. I personally think that a prom outfit isn’t complete without a tiara, even if you’re not the prom queen you can still feel like a princess. Simple but stunning is often the way to go with a tiara.

Prom TiaraThere are many tiaras on the market but often they are quite expensive, if you’re only going to wear it once there’s not much point spending £100’s on one accessory. I have just found a website that sells them for between £15 and £75, most of which are around the £20 – £25 mark. These two are my favourites, the top left tiara is £20 and the other £30. Both can be bought at Bexicles.

One Response to “Prom Tiaras”

  1. Ellen Palin Says:

    I would recommend if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your tiara for just one day. They have a great range of tiaras available to hire, at a fractio of what it would cost to buy!