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Miracle Powder

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Hair Powder SpraysSick of thin, lifeless hair? Well today’s your lucky day! Bumble and Bumble have just produced a new range of hair powders to give volume and thickness to thin hair and if this doesn’t sound great enough one spray of these aerosol styling powders will also banish those greasy hair days! Yes it’s true, the powders actually absorb excess oils on the roots! It’s a miracle!

They come in five shades: White, Blondish, Red, Brown and Black. Be sure to pick the right shade for you as they will enhance you’re hair colour and also disguise those roots whilst waiting for your next hair appointment, so your colour will look fresh all year round! Wow is there anything this product can’t do?!

What's The Best Hair Smoothing Balm?

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

I love the tried and tested sections in magazines where they have a few different products and they rate each one out of 10. Firstly it saves me having to buy the products to test out myself and also they prove that it’s not always the most expensive brands that come out on top. This week in Mcelebs – the Sunday Mirror supplement the four products in the experiment were Lucinda Ellery Exceptionally Restoring Treatment Hair Balm (£18.50), Charles Worthington Dream Flawless Finish Balm (£5.49), Lee Stafford Babe Wave (£4.99) and Tony & Guy Smoothing Balm that I mentioned in the previous post (6.99).

Lee Stafford Babe WaveEach product is designed to reduce frizz, lock in flyaways and make your hair feel smoother and look shinier. Rated last with 5/10 was the cheapest product Lee Stafford Babe Wave, it can be sticky if you apply to much but works well if the right amount is used, another comment made was that results didn’t last very long but overall it was OK.

Charles Worthington DreamIn third place with 7/10 was Charles Worthington’s Dream Flawless Finish Balm. Testers mentioned good results with noticeable smoother and shinier hair and less flyaways but again not perfect. The packaging is pretty cute though! Superdrug are currently selling this product on offer for just £3.99.

Lucinda Ellery BalmThe most expensive product Lucinda Ellery Exceptionally Restoring Treatment Hair Balm came in 2nd place, testers seemed to love the packaging and design of the product, said results were great and hair even stayed frizz free in the rain. The product is much more expensive than the others but you only need a tiny amount for it to work well.

Tony & Guy Smoothing BalmIn first place was Tony & Guy Smoothing Balm from the ‘Straight’ collection I mentioned earlier. Awarded 9/10 for results and price, testers said it smelled great, helped make hair more manageable and kept locks frizz free throughout the day. At only £6.99 there’s no reason why we all shouldn’t test out this product!

So there you go, Toni & Guy’s smoothing balm won the overall experiment but all products received good comments from testers.

Tony & Guy Straight Range

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Tony & Guy StraightWhile flicking through this weeks issue of Closer Magazine I stumbled across an advert for Tony & Guy’s new ‘Straight’ collection. I was instantly drawn to the advert because the model was staring directly at me and she had one of the funkiest haircuts I’ve seen in a while. Obviously their advertising campaign works because I was enticed to look at the products!

The range is available at Boots and consists of Straight and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, Shine Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner, Straight and Shine Balm, Iron It Defence Spray, Rubber Shine and Finishing Shine Spray. Products are specifically designed to maximise the straightening effect and protect from heat damage of your dryers and stylers. Prices range from £4.99 to £6.99 and all can be bought separately.

L'ANZA Reflex Flex Hold Memory Mist

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Art Elements Reflex HoldA girlfriend of mine recommended this L’ANZA product to me and it really is fab! The spray is a very fine mist which you spray on wet hair and dry into place; repeat if you’re being energetic and want a longer-lasting hold. It also contains preservers, which prevents your colour from fading keeping it vibrant and longer lasting.

You can also spray it on dry hair for curling or straightening and the ‘Thermal Guard’ protects your hair from heat trauma from styling tools. The best bit for me though is that it is advertised for being the first and only styling formula that protects hair from all 3 UV sun rays (UVA/UVB/UVC – UVC being the most damaging), so a real must for your summer hols for those of you who like me, have to have a hat perched on the top of your head to stop your hair looking and feeling like straw!!

I bought mine from Hair Supermarket – not cheap at £18.95, but lasts ages and well worth it!

Bed Head After Party

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Bed Head After PartyI cannot tell you how glad I am that the smoking ban has finally come into place. Whenever I used to come home from a pub or club my hair would stink like an ash tray and really put me off wanting to go out again. I was so grateful for my Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream, it really helped take away the foul smell and put a bit of moisture back into my hair.

Now that my hair doesn’t smell so bad when I come back from a night out, I don’t have to use the product as much. However if you still visit environments that are smoky such as family or friends houses then I highly recommend this product. Not only does it help take the smell away, it also gives the hair a bit of a lift, tackles fly-aways and makes it look all round much healthier.

Available at HQ Hair for £11.75.

Protect Your Hair Properly This Summer

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Before you start your hardcore sunbathing sessions this summer, think about your poor hair before you step outside and let it sizzle. We wouldn’t lie on the beach in 30 degrees heat without protecting our skin so why is it that so many people forget about their hair? Obviously the consequences of skin damage are much more severe than hair damage but if you want to keep those locks looking luscious then you should really consider protecting it with a high moisture replenishing treatment.

L’Oreal Elvive Anti BreakageWhile reading through my weekly magazine I came across four intensive hair treatments to help protect hair from the heat of the sun. The cheapest product was L’Oreal Elvive Anti Breakage Nutri-Repair Masque. The treatment is specifically designed for dryer hair and helps prevent split ends/breakage, leaving it feeling softer and healthier. At only £4.99 this is definitely a product worth testing, available at auravita.com.

Trevor Sorbie WrapNext up is Trevor Sorbie Professional Replenishing Thermal Wrap. It is a creamy treatment that you leave on for ten minutes or so under a shower cap and allow to soak into your hair thoroughly. It works really well with curly locks and helps manage frizz, only £5.99 from Boots.

Label M Intensive ConditionerToni & Guy’s Label M Intensive Conditioner was next in the line up – a highly moisturising conditioner for chemically treated hair such as colouring or perming. It helps hair become silkier meaning less knots and an overall healthier appearance. Label M is available for £9.95 at Toni & Guy.

Kerastase Soleil MasqueThe most expensive product in the group but the one I hear recommended all the time is Kerastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active. The treatment is designed for coloured hair and has a UV barrier to help protect the colour from sun damage. It also leaves hair softer, silkier and shinier. If you’ve just had your hair done and you’re off on holiday this product could be a life saver. My hair dresser highly recommended this product, available at HQ Hair for £16.65.

Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Mark Hill Gorgeous BrunetteWhenever I pick up a magazine I always look for the beauty news section to see what other people have recommended. This week in the Sunday Mirror Magazine I found some really great tried and tested products that all had a score out of 10. One of the columns was entitled Shampoo & Conditioner Sets For Brunettes and Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette (£5.49 each) came out on top with a score of 9/10. Competitors included Andrew Collins Brunette Salon (£4.49 each, 6/10), M&S Brunette (£3.50 each, 6/10) and Davines Alchemic System Chocolate (£11.90 and £14.50, 8/10).

Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette is described as a luxurious shine reflective shampoo and conditioner for highlighted or full colour dark brunettes. The tried and tested user claimed it transformed her hair from the first application leaving it smooth and silky.

Let me know if you have tried Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette, is it as good as it sounds? Available at Boots.

Bed Head Self Absorbed

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Bed Head Self AbsorbedIf you have really fine hair that gets oily quite quickly then this product is for you. It was recommended to me by a friend who has to wash her hair every day in order for it to look clean and healthy. She said that Bed Head Self Absorbed works like a dream for her because it keeps her hair looking less greasy for longer.

The product is a shampoo with vitamins A, B, D and E, it also contains a tiny amount of conditioner so hair is properly nourished without the strain of a normal heavier conditioner. Many people who suffer from greasy hair think that cutting out conditioner all together will solve the problem, however, this is not the case – hair still needs to be properly cared for and conditioner formula contains the nutrients we need.

Is Bed Head Self Absorbed the best shampoo for oily hair? Let me know if you have found one that you think works better. Bed Head Self Absorbed can be bought from HQ Hair for just £6.70.

Monsoon Accessorize Ditsy Print Bando

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Ditsy Print BandoThis summer it’s all about dressing up your locks, and what better way to do it than with a summery head scarf. This bando from Accessorize is made from silk and is beautifully decorated with a pink and blue floral pattern. The back of the scarf is joined together with an elastic ring – like a hair band and the ends of the material extend therefore can be tied in a knot or bow if you want them to.

The bando would look great with a matching print dress, bikini or plain kaftan. Imagine how useful it could be in the summer when you’re hot and sweaty on the beach – it would hold your hair back out of your face and let you sunbath in peace! The bando costs just £6 and is available on the Monsoon Accessorize website.