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Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette

Mark Hill Gorgeous BrunetteWhenever I pick up a magazine I always look for the beauty news section to see what other people have recommended. This week in the Sunday Mirror Magazine I found some really great tried and tested products that all had a score out of 10. One of the columns was entitled Shampoo & Conditioner Sets For Brunettes and Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette (£5.49 each) came out on top with a score of 9/10. Competitors included Andrew Collins Brunette Salon (£4.49 each, 6/10), M&S Brunette (£3.50 each, 6/10) and Davines Alchemic System Chocolate (£11.90 and £14.50, 8/10).

Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette is described as a luxurious shine reflective shampoo and conditioner for highlighted or full colour dark brunettes. The tried and tested user claimed it transformed her hair from the first application leaving it smooth and silky.

Let me know if you have tried Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette, is it as good as it sounds? Available at Boots.

One Response to “Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette”

  1. Kelly silvester Says:

    I recieved Mark Hill’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Brunetts for my 26th birthday resently; I must admit I was not impressed. I have given this products more than a couple of tries, refering to their ‘Directions for use’, thinking my hair might have to get use to a change in brand but find that every time I use them, no matter how much I rince out the conditioner, my hair is left feeling dull, heavy and greesy, like it has been coated with something(?).

    I have made a complaint to Mark Hill and will see what the out come is.