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Bed Head After Party

Bed Head After PartyI cannot tell you how glad I am that the smoking ban has finally come into place. Whenever I used to come home from a pub or club my hair would stink like an ash tray and really put me off wanting to go out again. I was so grateful for my Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream, it really helped take away the foul smell and put a bit of moisture back into my hair.

Now that my hair doesn’t smell so bad when I come back from a night out, I don’t have to use the product as much. However if you still visit environments that are smoky such as family or friends houses then I highly recommend this product. Not only does it help take the smell away, it also gives the hair a bit of a lift, tackles fly-aways and makes it look all round much healthier.

Available at HQ Hair for £11.75.

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