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L'ANZA Reflex Flex Hold Memory Mist

Art Elements Reflex HoldA girlfriend of mine recommended this L’ANZA product to me and it really is fab! The spray is a very fine mist which you spray on wet hair and dry into place; repeat if you’re being energetic and want a longer-lasting hold. It also contains preservers, which prevents your colour from fading keeping it vibrant and longer lasting.

You can also spray it on dry hair for curling or straightening and the ‘Thermal Guard’ protects your hair from heat trauma from styling tools. The best bit for me though is that it is advertised for being the first and only styling formula that protects hair from all 3 UV sun rays (UVA/UVB/UVC – UVC being the most damaging), so a real must for your summer hols for those of you who like me, have to have a hat perched on the top of your head to stop your hair looking and feeling like straw!!

I bought mine from Hair Supermarket – not cheap at £18.95, but lasts ages and well worth it!

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