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What's The Best Hair Smoothing Balm?

I love the tried and tested sections in magazines where they have a few different products and they rate each one out of 10. Firstly it saves me having to buy the products to test out myself and also they prove that it’s not always the most expensive brands that come out on top. This week in Mcelebs – the Sunday Mirror supplement the four products in the experiment were Lucinda Ellery Exceptionally Restoring Treatment Hair Balm (£18.50), Charles Worthington Dream Flawless Finish Balm (£5.49), Lee Stafford Babe Wave (£4.99) and Tony & Guy Smoothing Balm that I mentioned in the previous post (6.99).

Lee Stafford Babe WaveEach product is designed to reduce frizz, lock in flyaways and make your hair feel smoother and look shinier. Rated last with 5/10 was the cheapest product Lee Stafford Babe Wave, it can be sticky if you apply to much but works well if the right amount is used, another comment made was that results didn’t last very long but overall it was OK.

Charles Worthington DreamIn third place with 7/10 was Charles Worthington’s Dream Flawless Finish Balm. Testers mentioned good results with noticeable smoother and shinier hair and less flyaways but again not perfect. The packaging is pretty cute though! Superdrug are currently selling this product on offer for just £3.99.

Lucinda Ellery BalmThe most expensive product Lucinda Ellery Exceptionally Restoring Treatment Hair Balm came in 2nd place, testers seemed to love the packaging and design of the product, said results were great and hair even stayed frizz free in the rain. The product is much more expensive than the others but you only need a tiny amount for it to work well.

Tony & Guy Smoothing BalmIn first place was Tony & Guy Smoothing Balm from the ‘Straight’ collection I mentioned earlier. Awarded 9/10 for results and price, testers said it smelled great, helped make hair more manageable and kept locks frizz free throughout the day. At only £6.99 there’s no reason why we all shouldn’t test out this product!

So there you go, Toni & Guy’s smoothing balm won the overall experiment but all products received good comments from testers.

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