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Cowboy Hats!

Cowboy HatWith summer finally here and summer holidays to look forward to for those lucky few, you will be needing to take extra care with those locks as we don’t want to go into winter with sun damaged, brittle hair! The best way to do this is to try and avoid UV rays getting to your hair, as it will dry it out especially if you have highlighted or bleached hair! The only way to successfully do this is to sit inside all day or to wear a hat (I advise the latter!)

This season’s trendy cowboy hat makes it easy to protect your hair and look cool at the same time! Lets face it they do look the part on the beach and what’s better they keep your hair from sizzling! The straw will also keep you cool, much better than those thick sports caps I used to wear and will guard your face from the rays! There are many shops that sell cowboy hats, however I like this one from Accessorize with a cord tie and shell detail for £20.

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