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Toni & Guy Heat Defence Spray

Heat Defence SprayI have really curly hair and I hate it so I’m always straightening it, but we all know doing this too often does a lot of damage to your hair so we need to protect it as much as possible. This iron-it heat defence spray does exactly that, it will protect your locks from heat damage when using straighteners and even curling tongs. It will also condition your hair and leave it looking smooth and shiny.

Toni & Guy’s red and white range offers a lot of different products for all types of hair. They even have shampoo and conditioner to detox your hair if its in serious need of some help. This item comes in a 200ml bottle and costs just £5.49. They have many salons all over the country so you can pop in store and pick some up or browse on their website.

One Response to “Toni & Guy Heat Defence Spray”

  1. Katie Scoggins Says:

    This defence spray works great alongside Toni & Guy’s new signature straighteners. For a fraction of the price of GHD’s, I think Toni & Guy is on to a winner with these new straighteners!