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Bumble And Bumble Classic Hairspray

Bumble And Bumble Classic HairsprayThis is a classic hairspray that should be sitting on every girl’s dressing table. It’s a really controlling substance that you can use on hair that is living large or even just for taming those straying manes. Unlike your regular supermarket hairspray that leaves your hair so crispy and knotted that you have to stand for half an hour trying to brush it out, this hair lacquer brushes out easily.

It comes out in a fine mist and will leave no residue or that horrible flakiness you get with some hairsprays and can be used on all hair types for a strong hold. Available from the Bumble and bumble website it costs £15 – a bit expensive for such a small can of hairspray but if it’s going to hold your hair style all night then it’s totally worth it.

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