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Girls Aloud Beauty Tips!

Girls AloudIf you’re a huge fan of Girls Aloud and would love to get to know them more whilst gaining all their hair and beauty secrets, check out Sun Silk’s live web cast with the girls, for a full 40 minutes they’ll reveal their favourite straightners, hair do’s and even how many times they wash their hair! If 40 minutes seems a bit too long you can always check out the highlights, which takes a quick 9 minutes! I will definitely be watching with a pen and paper to write down all their beauty tips, as the girls always look so great, go on girls share your secrets!

One Response to “Girls Aloud Beauty Tips!”

  1. Maddison Highmoor Says:

    I’m a hairdresser please could you tell me what hair colour sarah harding’s hairdresser uses on her thankyou x