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Super Smart

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Super SmartIf you feel like you’ve got boring limp hair that has been colour treated then this is certainly the box set for you, and what a bargain, you can save yourself £17.75 off this set at the moment so you need to get in quick. The set is called Super Smart and contains Dumb Blonde shampoo and reconstructer, Superstar blow dry lotion and Thickening spray.

All products are by Bed Head so will be easy to find even if you want to purchase them separately. If you visit HQ Hair now you can purchase this lot for just £24.50, instead of the original £42.25. That is a great saving in my eyes, I love all of Bed Head products, they really do as the bottle says and works wonders.

Tend to Your Skin

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Tend SkinSuitable for both men and women, this genius product is for all those lumps and bumps you get from shaving, razor rashes and for use on ingrowing hairs or to prevent them. For women it is recommended to be used on bikini lines, under arms, legs and faces. For men it can be used on the face, the back of the head and neck.

It is a mild exfoliating solution, that will help prevent redness and those horrible itchy rashes caused by shaving, guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth and clear. If this product doesn’t completely get rid of your rash it will have a much improved look. Available from HQ Hair for £11.95.

Sexed Up From Catwalk

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Catwalk Sexed UpCatwalk products are often inspired by fashion, they have made products with ultra texture, volume, colour and many more. This shampoo has been designed to create a fuller look and thicker feel. With ingredients such as panthenol, wheat and amino acids, it will encourage your hair to be stronger and healthier looking.

It will leave your hair looking and feeling soft and thick, you can use on any hair length or texture and it will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. Apply to wet hair and massage into a thick lather and rinse, repeat if necessary. To complete, use the sexed up thickening conditioner. Available from HQ Hair for just £7.40.

Eylure Naturalites

Friday, September 28th, 2007

NaturalitesCelebs such as Nicola from Girls Aloud use false eyelashes when performing on stage to get a glamourous look. Without looking obviously fake, which quite a few brands of false lashes often do. These are perfect for a natural finish. They are sparse lashes that will enhance and lift the eyes to create a fuller, more bodied look.

I have never been one to wear false eye lashes as i dont quite fancy the idea of glueing them to my eyelids and them looking too over the top, so that people can notice that they arent real. But i might be swayed after discovering these as they look oh so natural…! For just £4.95 from Auravita.co.uk.

Paul Mitchell Instant Spray-on Shine

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Paul Mitchell Spray-on ShineRecently I’ve been finding myself looking for articles in magazines, newspapers or even programmes on the television that are promoting hair products, so I can determine which ones to go out and buy. I much prefer to use a product that has been tried and tested, just like this one. It has been given a rating of 4/5 which is a great result.

It is an instant spray on shine by Paul Mitchell and will give your locks an instant healthy glow. It contains natural extracts to enhance shine without it looking too shiny that it then looks greasy. It is recommended to be used before straightening as it gives a silky texture. It is a pump spray that gives out a light mist which allows for light application. Use a small amount for ultimate results. Available from HQ Hair for £9.40.

Kate Moss and James Brown London Hair Care

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

James Brown LogoKate Moss has got her finger in yet another marketing pie with the launch of a new haircare range in association with hairstylist James Brown of London.

The products are said to contain a variety of scrumptious ingredients that you can usually find associated with skincare such as nettle, white tea, watercress and wheatgerm and have been laced with the sweet smell of Bluebell.

If you fancy being one of the lucky few to try out this range before it’s officially released, then log on to www.jamesbrownlondon.com where you can enter yourselves into a competition to win an exclusive goody bag of products.

The full product range will be in your local Boots store as of October 1st and will be priced around £5.99 per item.

Spoil Me

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Bed Head Spoil MeIf your hair is hard to handle and you find it is out of control with frizz and knots then this is the product for you. Bed Head Spoil Me is designed to de-frizz and smooth out your hair and will instantly restyle your locks for a new and fresh look. It gives a light movable hold so wont look as if you have used half a tin of hairspray! It is an anti-static product so it should banish your frizz problems.

It will leave you with smooth, soft and extremely sexy hair. You can use it on any hair length and any hair type. You can spray on damp or dry hair and it will leave your hair with a light citrus fragrance. Spoil Me can be purchased from HQ Hair for £10.05.

Bed Head Mohawk Gel

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Mohawk GelI remember when my brother used to gel his hair to spike it up and he always used to moan because within a couple of hours it would be flat again. Not only does this product create a funky spiky affect, it can hold hair up to about six inches and will hold the style all day. You only have to use a small amount of this product for a dramatic change.

Once you have applied it to your hair it works instantly, literally within seconds and will hold until the next time you wash your hair. It comes in a squeezy silver tube so its easy to get the right amount that you want to apply. Available for £13.20 at HQ Hair.

Queen For a Day

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Queen for a DayHave you got hair that’s lost its volume? Do you feel your hair has got too thin and you cant do anything with it? Well…..now u can! This cool product from Bed Head will increase volume and create fuller, shinier locks. It is a volumising mouse that comes in a fine spray and is to be used on wet hair, it even has a built-in heat protector for blowdrying and heat styling.

It comes in a plum colour can, not too attractive but it really does the job. I can’t really give my opinion on this product as I am always complaining that my hair being too thick, but for those of you with fine hair that long for thicker hair, give this product a go. It costs just £10.80 and is recommended by many salon stylists. Available at HQ Hair.

Hippy Headbands

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Hippy Head BandUsually we associate headbands with summer but many stars are still wearing them and summer has certainly disappeared this year! This time round it’s the hippy headgear that is all the range, this tie band is a hippy print with a paisley design, using a mixture of purples, yellow and black it really does have that hippy look to it.

When choosing a band or head scarf, go for sparkly ones or bright colours. They are ideal to use as a quick fix on a bad hair day or when you are trying to grow a fringe out. You can wear head bands straight across your forehead or over your head for an instant 70’s chic look. This one is available from Accessorize for £6.