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Return Of The Scrunchie

Return Of The ScrunchieWhere Sienna Miller goes, we follow. So it’s time to re-introduce the scrunchie. Do you remember these? Well now they are back! This one is white with multi-coloured polka dots, but apparently the brighter the better. So get shopping girls.

This one is available in pink, purple, rouge, white and black. Effortlessly scrape back your hair when wearing one of these, they aren’t to be used for a neat and tidy look.

Available from Urban Outfitters for just £3 each.

3 Responses to “Return Of The Scrunchie”

  1. Veronica - CharmTips Says:

    So sixties for these days… looks great!

  2. A Girl's Gotta Eat Says:

    Ooops….I thought it never left 😉 Well in the privacy of my bedroom it hasn’t. Now I can come outta the closet.

  3. Charle Says:

    Growning up in the eightys I used scrunchie to pull my hair back and loved the millions of different colors and styles available, but by the mid 90’s they were taboo or too white-trash to wear. I am so glad that they are back, my long heavy curly hair doesn’t get pulled or broken and stays in place. – hooray for the scrunchie!