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Send Your Hair on a Power Trip

Power tripPower Trip is a specially made hair gel that will mold and shape your hair, giving it added volume, dimension and great texture. If you work the product through your hair when damp, it will leave your hair looking shiny and gelled. If you apply to wet hair then blow dry if will give your hair volume and support, let your hair dry naturally and it will give your locks definition and texture.

It comes in a shiny silver tin that looks like a hairspray container. You can use it on any hair length or texture and it dries quickly, leaving no build up on your hair. It will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. Power Trip is from the Bedhead range at Tigihaircare and can currently be purchased at HQ Hair for £8.05.

One Response to “Send Your Hair on a Power Trip”

  1. A Girl's Gotta Eat Says:

    This sounds like a great idea. Does it come in a camouflage can to hide it from my boyfriend?….LOL Seriously the man is a closet hair product junkie.