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S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax

S-Factor Creamy Molding WaxIf you want to style your hair but you’re sick of it looking greasy, this product from S-Factor could be the perfect wax for molding your hair. It will texturise and moisturise your locks while maintaining a firm hold and also gives that added shine. You apply it to dry hair and it helps fight the humidity so you won’t be left with a frizzy bush when is exposed to the heat.

It comes in a funky pot that looks like an eye toy you can get for Playstation games or even a web cam. That’s what caught me eye; the colour and the cool container. Tigi have a wide range of S-Factor styling products and many are available at HQ Hair for reasonable prices. The creamy molding wax can be purchased for £14.30.

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