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Curls Made Easy with Babyliss You Curl

Babyliss You CurlYou may already have curling tongs, but trust me you’ll want a set of these Babyliss you Curl! For me, trying to use a normal straightening iron to curl my hair is an absolute nightmare, everyone says “its as easy as curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors” yeah right! I’ve only ever known hairdressers or people studying hair, to be able to do it that way.

For the likes of you and me that haven’t got the first clue, we need these. You just run them through your hair like a normal straightener, but the curved plates will leave you with loose, sexy waves. So much easier than going to the salon. This video demonstrates how it is done and we might even stand a chance of doing the back bits with these. Currently available at for £39.99.

4 Responses to “Curls Made Easy with Babyliss You Curl”

  1. MissusW Says:

    I have long, thick, straight, smooth, layered hair. I can create a ‘curl’ with these irons, however, more often than not it amounts to a ringlet of the last 2-3 inches of hair.

    I really don’t like the way the plates ‘grab’ the hair, the ceramic seems sticky and doesn’t glide at all, and where the plates snatch during the curling procedure, you’re left with a horizontal kink. The action has to be smooth and completed in one pass. I’ve tried a couple of products – iron oil and heat treatments that I normally use with my striaghteners, but they haven’t improved the result with the You Curl.

    It needs to get hotter too; it takes all 220 degrees from my Kodos for a pleasing result, the You Curl reaches 180. The instructional video belies the random results you get with this tool. Obviously it would work better if a (very patient) friend did it for you – they’re a faff to use.

    Even though they were only £40, I feel robbed.

  2. Mrs C. Says:

    My daughter has just bought one of the You Curl in a desire to acquire curled locks. She has beautiful, long, thick but fine, glossy hair and after trying these as per instructions the only thing that happened was that a crease was left near the root and there was a great deal of static left in her hair. After buying useless curling tongs last year and now this useless piece of tat, I hope she will accept that her hair looks far more attractive than anything these useless gadgets can or cannot conjure up.

  3. Ms. B Says:

    I’ve literally just received these in the post this morning and was feeling rather lucky since it’s my works night out tonight. I had a little look at the demonstration video on the website and figured it looked pretty simple. Wrong.
    This is the biggest waste of £40 I’ve ever spent. I stood in the mirror for about 35 minutes trying to get my hair to curl, even slightly, to no avail. I did manage to make one, just one, tiny little ringlet but as mentioned above it was only in the last 2-3 inches of hair.
    I finally gave up, lucky really considering all I was really doing was straightening the same pieces of hair over and over again! Not the best idea.
    If you’re thinking of buying these, for goodness sake put your money away, there are much better things to spend it on.

  4. Sandy Says:

    I love the you curl! ive got really thick hair and i couldnt belive how good it worked! i think its the most awsum curler you can get, it does glide really smoothly and creates lovely curls i got one today and my hair is looking good i got them for my leavers ball and they will impress i got mine for £25 makro’s loving it!!