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Heat Activated

Bed Head UptightNo longer do we have to sit under heat lamps at our local salon for our hair to stay curly. Bed Head Uptight is a heat activated product with the purpose of revitalising naturally curly or permed hair. All you have to do is spray on whilst hair is damp, then apply your normal styling products and blow dry as normal.

It will leave you with stylish ringlets or sexy waves depending on how you style your hair. It can be used on any length hair and is a long lasting formula. This product will make you go from hating your hair to a curl maker, making you love your locks. Available from at HQ Hair for just £7.65.

One Response to “Heat Activated”

  1. Krissy Says:

    This product sounds great! I hate when I style my hair curly or wavy and by the end of the day it looks flat. I will definitely have to try this. I can use it with the bed head light me up hair dryer that I just got. Sounds like a perfect combination!