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Fringe Crazy

Adding a fringe to your hairstyle is the most dramatic way to change your look other than going for a full on chop. You just need to look at the pictures of Kate Moss to see how a fringe can change your face shape and flatter your bone structure. Kate’s heavy fringe is not for everyone, her killer cheek bones are not swamped by such a style but there are plenty of variations on the theme so there is something to suit all face shapes.

If you feel brave enough to go for a full on blunt fringe you can take inspiration from the likes of Lilly Allen and Sarah Harding but sweeping fringes like Nicole Richie or light wispy fringes like Jennifer Aniston’s are great for those just wanting to soften the face a bit and are much better if you suffer from greasy skin on your forehead. Check out some pictures of celebs with different face shapes and different style fringes. You can see what works and go to your hairdresser with a good idea in mind of what you want.

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