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Jordan Haircare

Curling TongsWell what can I say, is there any marketing pie Jordan doesn’t want to get her finger in to?? She’s done it all, jewellery, accessories and now hair care!

HairdryerI personally think the new range looks as tacky as I would expect anything sold by her too look like, but I haven’t tried and tested for quality purposes, so if you are a fan of hers – which I’m clearly not, then give her the benefit of the doubt and try these new products.

StraightnersThey might work well, I can’t imagine they’re going to the job that top salon products do, but it may be worth giving them ago for the price alone.

Superdrug is currently stocking the range and the have curling tongs for £12.99, a hairdryer with attachments for £19.99 and a sleek pair of straightners for £19.99. It appears from the Superdrug website that the hairdryer is currently out of stock so someone out there must be loving it!! You can check out each product in the range either on line or pop down to your nearest Superdrug to see for yourself.

3 Responses to “Jordan Haircare”

  1. Emma Says:

    i think katie is one of the nicest and down to earth celebs. she is a very lucky lady 2 have such beautiful children and a lovely hubby to support her,and people who come on this 2 write bad comments about her shouldn’t waste their time because there is only one think it could be,and thats that they are jelouse of her.i think she has done an amazing job of bring up her children and bringing out her new perfume,books(which i have),straighteners, curling tongs, and a hair dryer (which i am going tomorrow 2 get for my christmas =] whoohoo =] and last but not least her album with pete which i bought when it was first out,which was great..loved it =]her new show is fab 2 love it and i never miss it,she is so funny! she has done very well for herself and she should be proud of herself.
    love ya lots ketie
    take care xx

  2. Hair extensions Says:

    I love Katies new range of Hair products, they are a really good price so anyone can afford them, they come in a fantastic Pink colour. I use the Curling tongs 4 special occasions and the hairdryer is good for everyday use. The Hair straigtners are great i can even use them on my hair extensions and they do not frazzle them! I would really recommend her whole hair collection its fab :)

  3. Julie Says:

    They give up great curls and their hair drier is also worth a buy. They dont mess up with the hair extensions too, which is defintly a plus on their side.