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Ghd Christmas Giftbox

ghd Christmas Gift SetI imagine the majority of ladies will be praying to get their hands on GHD’s fabulous new gift set marketed as the Christmas Giftbox. The gold packaging alone is enough to make most of us drool! This fab new package contains the GHD IV Styler, a cute GHD Metallic Clutch Bag (heat resistant of course), GHD Metallic Purse for your make-up essentials, a GHD mirror, GHD Thermo Protector mini version and a Thermodynamics Creation Spray also mini.

I know its highly unlikely considering the discussion points of this blog but if there are any male readers looking for something for their girlfriends this Christmas, look no further… this is the ultimate must have, in my books anyway!

The gift set costs £149 and can be bought from HQ Hair, more information available on GHD’s official website.

5 Responses to “Ghd Christmas Giftbox”

  1. Free GHD Giftbox Says:

    I though you all might like to know that freepay are giving away this giftbox for free when you sign up, download a free ringtone and get five friends to do the same, here is the link.

  2. GHD Styler Stockists Says:

    If you think the pervious Christmas gifts set were cool take a look at the new Purple GHDs that are coming out in the next few days. You get a Purple hair straighteners, purple hair dryer and purple roll bag.

  3. mile wilder Says:

    My wife SOOO wants a pair of ghds this Christmas but I can’t believe the price!
    Are they really worth over £100?

  4. GHD Styler Stockists Says:

    They are good value for money – they are the only straighteners we use in our salon

  5. ghd Says:

    I thought they were alot of money, but welled pleased, what do you expect, it’s ghd.