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Remington Wet2Straight

Wet2StraightMy trusted straighteners that I have had since I first realised that frizzy hair was not cool have finally given up on my this week. However its actually been a blessing in disguise because my replacement straighteners have halved the time it takes me to do my hair when I get out of the shower. I’ve bought a pair of Remington ‘wet2straight’ straighteners. This fantastic time saving device allows you to straighten your hair from wet so where I would normally spend half an hour wrestling with a blow dryer to get my hair dry and in a condition ready to straighten, now I do not need to bother.

The wet to straight straighteners have holes along one side of the ceramic plates so steam is directed safely away from your face as the hair dries. They can reach 230 degrees so are hot enough to give you a perfect result and they work just as well on dry hair. There are wide and slim varieties available. I bought the wide ones because my hair is quite long but they are useless for straightening my fringe so if you have short hair or a fringe I recommend the narrow style. These straightens are less pricey than Ghds and a must have if you have lots of hair to manage and not much time. At Boots there is currently a 1/3 off so a pair will only set you back 39.98.

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