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Grow Hair Faster With FAST!

FAST Shampoo and ConditionerHave you had your hair cut off and so wished you hadn’t? I did it last year. In a mad moment I said to my hairdresser just cut it off, so she did! My neat, shoulder-length bob was transformed into a short, cropped style which I liked at the time, but it soon grew out of style and I regretted having the snip. I looked on the Internet to find something, anything that would make it grow; I didn’t find anything and have had to wait months for it to grow out.

This product caught my eye so I thought I should share it with any of you who are looking for the same thing. FAST is a product to increase hair growth on existing hair, it isn’t a hair loss product. It claims that if you use the product every day, and your hair normally grows 1 inch per month, using this it will grow 1½ inches per month. Over 6 months that’s an extra 3 inches of luscious long hair!! They say that it works on all hair types, on both men and women and can be used with any other hair products. I am interested to hear if this really does work; let me know!!

5 Responses to “Grow Hair Faster With FAST!”

  1. Aimi Says:

    I bought some of this stuff and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I have to say that my hair does feel quite a bit longer, I had it cut onto a bob about a month ago and it’s already grown over an inch. I will report back in a couple of months and let you know how it is going!

  2. Munira Says:

    Wow I’m intrigued. Where can I get one? Do I have to buy it online or can I find one in the local Boots?

  3. froggy_grow Says:

    So what’s the word? Does this stuff work or not?

  4. Aimi Says:

    Have to say my hair has grown noticeably faster since using this product, even my hairdresser asked what had happened as is usually grows about 1mm a month!!

  5. Endah Says:

    Does Grow Hair Faster With FAST really work ?