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Curls Ahoy!

Rageaze Twist & Curl WrapsHaving straight hair, I have, of course, always had a desire to have curly hair. I also, however, have very thick hair, and as a result my many efforts with the curling tongs have lasted approximately 30 minutes before the curls dropped out and I was left with unfortunate looking kinks.

Rollers were also a non-starter for me, as, when I put them in wet hair to dry overnight I a) nearly suffocated as I had to sleep face down to avoid squashing the rollers, b) my hair, due to it’s thickness and being rolled and twisted, often wasn’t dry by morning and c) I never had enough rollers to do all my hair.

So I’m rather excited to have found these Rageaze Twist & Curl Wraps. They only take an hour, can be done in dry hair, and there are 25 sheets in a pack, which should be more than enough for my hair. You simple roll up a section of hair in the pre-soaked tissues and tie the ends up. They’re also kinder to your hair than rollers and tongs and are cheaper too at only £4.35, available at HQ Hair.

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