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Charles Worthington Take AwaysPacking for your holidays is always a nightmare, no matter where you’re going or how long you’re going for. And once all the clothes and shoes are squeezed into the suitcase there’s that awful moment of horror when you realise you haven’t even started on make-up and toiletries.

No matter how nice the free shampoo in the hotel looks, it’s always nice to have your own stuff with you. Taking a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner is impossible, which is why mini sizes are great.

Boots are currently offering 3 for 2 on Professional Hair Minis, so you can stock up on all your favourite, familiar items without over stuffing your suitcase or breaking the bank. The Charles Worthington Takeaways range is particularly good as there’s a huge variety from volume conditioner to shine on shampoo, and heat protection spray to hairspray. There’s even a special UV-protection range to look after your hair if you’re off to sunnier shores.

Available in store or at Boots online.

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