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Face Boutique for your Hair

Face Boutique Hair Laundry ShampooThese days it’s really easy to get hold of products that are free from chemicals, but sometimes they can fall a little short in the smell and image stakes. Realising this, Face Boutique decided to launch a range of products that look great, smell great, are free from chemicals, and do the job.

Their Hair Laundry Shampoo and Conditioner keep things simple with one product for all hair types. The lack of any chemicals means that you can use it as often as you like and not worry about damaging your hair or stripping it of it’s natural oils. It’s mild formula contains fruit oils which are all naturally source so there’s nothing nasty in it. The conditioner is great for repairing split ends and will also nourish the scalp. They cost £9.50 each.

You can get these products and the rest of the Face Boutique range at their website.

One Response to “Face Boutique for your Hair”

  1. millielicious Says:

    Use hair laundry shampoo on my baby (who has a full head of hari!). Love it as it is so gentle