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Vintage Style Hair Combs

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Accessorize Pansy Vine CombAccessorize have got a wide range of hair accessories at the moment, from clips to Alice bands, and even scrunchies!

Personally I think these vintage style combs are great. Vintage clothes are hugely popular at the moment, so why not extend it to accessories? Buying a vintage inspired hair clip means that you can wear the vintage look without worrying about catching someone else’s head lice! This Pansy Vine Comb captures the vintage brooch look with it’s stone embellished flowers and bronze effect. It can be worn on any length of hair – add it to the top of a pony tail for a nice detail, or sweep up a bit of hair and the side or back with the comb. You can also get it in a silver finish it you want to add some extra sparkle and bling to your hair.

The Pansy Vine Comb costs £12 and is available now from Accessorize.

Perfect Ponytail

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Bed Head Control Freak SerumThe humble ponytail is currently making a come back on the catwalk. Good news then, no tricky styles to recreate, all you need is a good brush and a strong elastic. However, as with all catwalk trends, there’s a certain way of wearing your ponytail. Sleek and groomed is the name of the game, so unfortunately that means even a ponytail will still require a bit of effort.

A good smoothing serum is essential – it’ll take care of any fly away, frizzy hair and help perfect that perfect ponytail. If you want to go the whole hog and straighten your ponytail as a finishing touch a smoothing serum will also help to keep it smooth and sleek all day.

Bed Head’s Control Freak Serum is perfect, and can be used on wet or dry hair. The light formula will ensure your hair looks shiny, not greasy, and it’ll protect hair against heat and humidity. It’s currently reduced from £10.80 to £9.18 at HQ Hair.

Natural Wax

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Body Shop Beeswax Texturising WaxYou can always rely on The Body Shop to keep things 100% natural. We all know that hair wax isn’t actually made of candle wax, but what about beeswax? Well that’s exactly what The Body Shop have produced – hairwax made from beeswax. It will keep hair exactly where you want it, and washes out easily without leaving any sticky residue.
Be warned though, it is for short hair only.

The organic beeswax helps to moisturise and condition hair and to keep in moisture. And of course the beekeepers get a fair share of the profit.

So go natural with your hairstyling products, keeping your hair free of harsh chemicals and perfumes, and making it much easier to wash out.

The Body Shop Beeswax Texturising Wax costs £5 and you can get it instore or online.

Fit for a Princess

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

ASOS Stone Encrusted Crown Alice BandIf you’ve always thought that there’d been a mix up with your birth certificate, and that you are genuinely a princess, then this hairband should prove it to everyone once and for all.

This cute silver hairband is embellished with a stone encrusted crown that sits delicately at the side of your head, as a subtle reminder to anyone who might question your royal status! The hairband also has lovely padded tips to stop your ears getting pinched and rubbed, and has a shiny silver finish.

This accessory would be great for a fancy dress outfit, or for adding an unique accessory to evening wear, and of course, exerting your princess status.

You can get the Stone Encrusted Crown Alice Band from ASOS for £12.

The Happy Hairdryer

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Nutriheat Hair Nutrition HairdryerOne of the few good things about winter has to be hairdryers…there’s nothing better than warming yourself up in the morning by drying your hair and warming up with a lovely blast of hot air! Sadly though, hair doesn’t appreciate the warm air like the rest of me does, and heat on hair does not equal happiness.

However this Nutriheat Hair Nutrition Hairdryer is a hairdryer that’s actually kind to hair! Whilst it’s blowing away it releases silk proteins that nourish hair and stop it from getting too dried out from all the heat. It will also give nearly 100% less frizz, and give extra shine and hydration… all from a hairdryer!

At £39.99 it’s pretty good price for a hairdryer and about six hair products all in one! And yes, it still blows hot hair so it’ll keep you toasty on winter mornings!

The Nutriiheat Hair Nutrition Hairdryer is available now from Boots.

The Solid Shampoo Revolution

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Lush Solid Shampoo - The BlondeTraditionally, shampoo comes in a liquid form, in a bottle. Some are thicker than others, but it’s all definitely liquid. Well being the innovators that they are, cosmetics company Lush have developed the solid shampoo. It looks and feels exactly like a bar of soap, but you use it on your hair! Simply lather it up in your hands as you would soap, and then rub into your hair, and simply rinse off!

There are more than ten different varieties, from The Blonde (pictured) which, as the name suggests, will restore faded blondes to their former glory, at there’s even one called Hard, which is specially developed for people who live in hard water areas to help reduce the effects of hard water on hair.

If you look after your shampoo bar properly by keeping it dry (Lush also make a handy shampoo bar tin), then it should last for about 70 washes. They range in price from £3.50 to £5.25, which is pretty good value considering how long they last, and as with all Lush products only natural ingredients are used and they’re not tested on animals.

Have a look in your local Lush store or online and embrace the solid revolution!

On Trend and In Hair

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Urban Outfitters Oversize Patent BowOversize? – check. Patent? – check. Bow? – check. This cute Oversized Patent Bow from Urban Outfitters must be the most on trend hair accessory I’ve seen all season. It covers three major trends all in one go, and you can wear it in your hair!

This is a great accessory for everyday wear, or for adding some extra excitement to evening wear. And it’s not kidding around when it says oversize – this little beauty measure 15 centimetres wide! It can be worn however you fancy, clipped onto the side of your hair for the ultimate statement, or use it in a ponytail, a half -up-half-down, or use to hide the messy ends in a beehive.

It costs £8 comes in pink, yellow and black, although pink is currently unavailable. If you’re lucky enough to live near an Urban Outfitters you can hunt one out in there, or it’s available from their website.

Glitter Spray is Back!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Fekkai Hair CrystalsWhen I was younger I used to love those glitter sprays you could get for your hair. Sadly though there came a time when my mum got a bit fed up of it – it used to end up everywhere – pillows, clothes, the sofa…and it just wasn’t cool anymore, which is of course used to be crucially important, and then it disappeared into obscurity

Excitingly though, you can now buy a grown up version! Fekkai is an American company who are the go-to stylists for many Hollywood A-Listers (or so they claim!). Their Spray On Hair Crystals will give your hair an all over shimmer, perfect for a quick spritz to take your hair from day to evening. Hair Crystals are available in three shades: Champagne, Copper and Bronze so they’ll blend into all different hair colours , or try and couple to create your own shade.

The spray also contains Panthenol, will soften your hair making it perfect for styling and prevent the stickiness that sprays can give. So if you fancy a bit of childhood regression without the mess, then head over to HQ Hair, where you can get a can of Fekkai Hair Crystals for £15.

Messy Hair = Extra Sleep

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

RealHair Real Base Conditioning MistThere’s good news for everyone who spends ages on their hair in the morning – this season’s slouchy slip knot means you can have a bit more time in bed, as the messier and rushed looking the better. All you need to do is part your hair into two, secure each side, tie the two ends together and pin them in place. Don’t worry about pinning up the two ends or securing any loose bits, as they just add to the effect.

Invest in a good quality conditioning hairspray to hold it in place and to keep your hair looking healthy. Realhair’s Real Base Conditioning Haircare Mist, at £17, will keep hair tangle free and protect it and is great for styling.

Available now at the Realhair website.