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The Solid Shampoo Revolution

Lush Solid Shampoo - The BlondeTraditionally, shampoo comes in a liquid form, in a bottle. Some are thicker than others, but it’s all definitely liquid. Well being the innovators that they are, cosmetics company Lush have developed the solid shampoo. It looks and feels exactly like a bar of soap, but you use it on your hair! Simply lather it up in your hands as you would soap, and then rub into your hair, and simply rinse off!

There are more than ten different varieties, from The Blonde (pictured) which, as the name suggests, will restore faded blondes to their former glory, at there’s even one called Hard, which is specially developed for people who live in hard water areas to help reduce the effects of hard water on hair.

If you look after your shampoo bar properly by keeping it dry (Lush also make a handy shampoo bar tin), then it should last for about 70 washes. They range in price from £3.50 to £5.25, which is pretty good value considering how long they last, and as with all Lush products only natural ingredients are used and they’re not tested on animals.

Have a look in your local Lush store or online and embrace the solid revolution!

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