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The Happy Hairdryer

Nutriheat Hair Nutrition HairdryerOne of the few good things about winter has to be hairdryers…there’s nothing better than warming yourself up in the morning by drying your hair and warming up with a lovely blast of hot air! Sadly though, hair doesn’t appreciate the warm air like the rest of me does, and heat on hair does not equal happiness.

However this Nutriheat Hair Nutrition Hairdryer is a hairdryer that’s actually kind to hair! Whilst it’s blowing away it releases silk proteins that nourish hair and stop it from getting too dried out from all the heat. It will also give nearly 100% less frizz, and give extra shine and hydration… all from a hairdryer!

At £39.99 it’s pretty good price for a hairdryer and about six hair products all in one! And yes, it still blows hot hair so it’ll keep you toasty on winter mornings!

The Nutriiheat Hair Nutrition Hairdryer is available now from Boots.

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