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Colour Me Different

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Purple HairChristmas is a great time to consider changing your hair colour – a new shade is the ultimate party accessory, and a great way to give relatives something to talk about! Just before you reach for the peroxide though, make sure you choose a shade that’ll compliment your skin tone.

If you’re feeling brave, then how about purple? This season’s hottest colour doesn’t just have to be for clothes, for the truly daring why not opt for something like in the picture? Drastic yes, but you could always dye it back to a more natural shade in the new year, and this cut will look great with any colour. Be sure to go to a salon for this though – it’s definitely not a do it yourself job.

Generally though, it’s about subtlety, think muted, not peroxide blonde, and warm light brown tones, like toffee, butterscotch and honey.

Finally, don’t forget to invest in a good colour protect shampoo and conditioner, to keep your hair looking tip top. Try Paul Mitchell’s range of Colour Protect Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, now reduced at HQ Hair.

The Natural Way

Friday, November 7th, 2008

MOP Mixed Greens ShampooNatural products are great for giving your hair a rest from all the harsh chemicals in some shampoo and conditioner, and they always seem to smell much nicer for having natural ingredients in.

Modern Organic Products (MOP) make their products using not only all-natural, food based ingredients, but organic too – good for you and the environment.

Their Mixed Greens Shampoo and Coniditioner is perfect for this time of year, as it’s specially designed to give extra moisture to try hair. It contains Olive Oil, which as we all know is the ultimate ingredient to inject moisture into hair. It also has Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which is great for removing any chemical build up and residue left in hair by other products.

MOP Mixed Greens Shampoo and Conditioner cost £9.45 each and are available from Boots online or instore.

Messy Hair = Extra Sleep

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

RealHair Real Base Conditioning MistThere’s good news for everyone who spends ages on their hair in the morning – this season’s slouchy slip knot means you can have a bit more time in bed, as the messier and rushed looking the better. All you need to do is part your hair into two, secure each side, tie the two ends together and pin them in place. Don’t worry about pinning up the two ends or securing any loose bits, as they just add to the effect.

Invest in a good quality conditioning hairspray to hold it in place and to keep your hair looking healthy. Realhair’s Real Base Conditioning Haircare Mist, at £17, will keep hair tangle free and protect it and is great for styling.

Available now at the Realhair website.

Face Boutique for your Hair

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Face Boutique Hair Laundry ShampooThese days it’s really easy to get hold of products that are free from chemicals, but sometimes they can fall a little short in the smell and image stakes. Realising this, Face Boutique decided to launch a range of products that look great, smell great, are free from chemicals, and do the job.

Their Hair Laundry Shampoo and Conditioner keep things simple with one product for all hair types. The lack of any chemicals means that you can use it as often as you like and not worry about damaging your hair or stripping it of it’s natural oils. It’s mild formula contains fruit oils which are all naturally source so there’s nothing nasty in it. The conditioner is great for repairing split ends and will also nourish the scalp. They cost £9.50 each.

You can get these products and the rest of the Face Boutique range at their website.

Molten Brown Hair Products

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Molten Brown ShampooMolten Brown have launched a great range of haircare to go with their other luxury products that include handwash, makeup and skin care.

They’ve kept it simple and have four different kinds of shampoo that target different hair troubles. There’s purifying plum-kadu that cleans your hair of general dirt and pollution, radiant lili-pili refreshes the scalp and leaves hair with a brilliant shine, moisture-drench rosella untangles hair and moisturises, and de-stressing pandano is a cream shampoo for colour-treated or permed hair. There is also a conditioner to go with each one, giving your hair the complete treatment it needs, no matter what type it is.

There are also some deep-cleansing products for repairing hair.

Molten Brown are infamous for their wonderfully fragrant products, and I imagine their hair care range will be no different, meaning you’ll be able to smell their wonderful scents all day!

The shampoos and conditioners cost £16 each and all the products are available from Molten Brown online or instore.

A Treat for you Hair

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Body Shop Poppyseed Reviving MaskIf you want to give your hair a bit of a pampering session, but don’t fancy spending hours in a salon or spa, then pop down to The Body Shop and try this Poppyseed Reviving Mask. It works in the same way as a conditioner, just coat your hair with a thick layer and then leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly et voila! You’ll have shinier, glossier and happier hair! Poppy seed oil is rich in omega acids 6 and 9, and as well as repairing hair it’ll also create a barrier that’ll help prevent further damage.

Use it whenever you think your hair needs a bit of a boost!

It comes it a 200ml tub, which is a generous size that’ll last ages. It costs £8 and is available instore or online.

Ban Oily hair…with Oil

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Body Shop Olive Glossing ShampooWe’ve all heard that olive oil is good for your hair, but personally I’ve always been a bit scared to try it incase it wouldn’t rinse out and my hair ended up, well, oily. Luckily, The Body Shop have produced their Olive Glossing Shampoo. It contains olive leaf extract rather than oil, which makes hair glossy as well as helping to protect hair from damage. And, because it’s The Body Shop, you can lather up guilt free, as the oil is sourced from a co-operative in Italy, making sure that it’s top quality and the producers get a fair cut of the profit.The shampoo also contains organic honey which moisturises and conditions the hair.

There’s also a conditioner, which does contain organic olive oil which gets right inside the hair to condition and nourish, as well as protect.

If you fancy trying it, the shampoo and conditioner are available in a small 60ml size which contains enough for 3 or 4 washes, and perfect for taking on holiday.

Find it at The Body Shop online or in store.

New Tigi Bed Head Superstar Range

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Bed Head Superstar RangeI’m a big fan on Tigi haircare especially the Bed Head products so I was thrilled to see that a new collection had been added to the Bed Head range. Superstar consists of several luxurious products including Thermal blow-dry lotion, Volumizing Hairspray, Volumizing Leave in Conditioner, Superstar shampoo and conditioner and Queen For A Day.

All the bottles are pink and purple – the ultimate girly collection and all reasonably priced (most under £10 per bottle). I must have made my way through the whole Bed Head collection so I am very pleased they have launched these fab new products!

The products would make ideal gifts for friends and are all available at HQ Hair to buy now.

Shear Splendor Hair Mask

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Shear Splendor ConditionerIf you’re in the mood to give your hair a bit of TLC then dig into your pockets and purchase a conditioning mask to give dull locks a little lift. I love this Shear Splendor mask available at HQ Hair. It not only makes your hair feel fabulous but also helps repair and restore hair from within the shaft.

The product contains peptides, soy and botanical butter base, instantly helping dry and damaged hair look and feel soft, shiny and fabulous. This mask costs £18 but I recommend it over others, it tends to last quite a long time too as you don’t need a lot to get you locks back into shape!

For more Philosopy products check out www.philosophy.com.

Grow Hair Faster With FAST!

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

FAST Shampoo and ConditionerHave you had your hair cut off and so wished you hadn’t? I did it last year. In a mad moment I said to my hairdresser just cut it off, so she did! My neat, shoulder-length bob was transformed into a short, cropped style which I liked at the time, but it soon grew out of style and I regretted having the snip. I looked on the Internet to find something, anything that would make it grow; I didn’t find anything and have had to wait months for it to grow out.

This product caught my eye so I thought I should share it with any of you who are looking for the same thing. FAST is a product to increase hair growth on existing hair, it isn’t a hair loss product. It claims that if you use the product every day, and your hair normally grows 1 inch per month, using this it will grow 1½ inches per month. Over 6 months that’s an extra 3 inches of luscious long hair!! They say that it works on all hair types, on both men and women and can be used with any other hair products. I am interested to hear if this really does work; let me know!!