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Ghd Christmas Giftbox

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

ghd Christmas Gift SetI imagine the majority of ladies will be praying to get their hands on GHD’s fabulous new gift set marketed as the Christmas Giftbox. The gold packaging alone is enough to make most of us drool! This fab new package contains the GHD IV Styler, a cute GHD Metallic Clutch Bag (heat resistant of course), GHD Metallic Purse for your make-up essentials, a GHD mirror, GHD Thermo Protector mini version and a Thermodynamics Creation Spray also mini.

I know its highly unlikely considering the discussion points of this blog but if there are any male readers looking for something for their girlfriends this Christmas, look no further… this is the ultimate must have, in my books anyway!

The gift set costs £149 and can be bought from HQ Hair, more information available on GHD’s official website.

Summer Travel Bag Now £130!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Ghd Travel BagGhd’s happen to be my favourite hair straighteners and with this travel bag you get so much for your money. Even though summer is on its way out, this summer travel bag is ideal for all year round. It includes the versatile ghd straighteners, that come in their own heat resistant pouch, ghd shampoo and conditioner, a heat protector for your hair, a sea spray and a polishing serum.

You will also receive a matching cosmetics purse, a DVD showing how to create the look and a thermal heat mat. All included within the price. We have talked about the travel bag before but I thought it was worth another mention since it is now available for £130 from Amazon.co.uk instead of the original £145! The best thing about ghd’s is that they don’t just straighten your hair, you can also use them to give your hair a wave, bouncing curls and flicks.

Ghd Summer Travel Bag

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Ghd Travel BagGhd have now launched their 2007 summer travel bag and it really is a set to be proud of. The bag itself is illustrated with a fresh, colourful design inspired by catwalk collections and inside is a collection of products that every girl simply must have! Included is a new ghd styler with a rounder barrel than the original, a heat resistant iron pouch and a matching cosmetic purse.

Also included in the bag is a selection of ghd thermodynamics products; replenish shampoo and conditioner, thermal protector, sea spray and polishing serum. They also provide you with a demonstration DVD so you can learn different ways of using the styler to create specific hot looks!

The summer travel bag is available on the official ghd website and at Amazon.co.uk for £145.

Beautiful Summer Waves Using Your GHD's

Monday, May 21st, 2007

I have medium length hair and often try to curl it using my ghd straightners or with curling tongs. The technique I have always used does work but sometimes I think my hair looks a little bit too curly. This technique is shown below by a ghd model.

Yesterday I found another ghd video on YouTube about how to get perfect summer waves rather than curls. I have also pasted this video below for you to have a look at. This is the style I have been trying to achieve for months but didn’t realise I was using the completely wrong technique.
I tested the new method yesterday evening after I found the demonstration and it works really well on my hair. The model shows the technique in great detail but to be honest her hair doesn’t really do it justice. Give it a try and let me know how you got on with it.

Ghd His and Hers Gift Sets

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

ghd gift Set for HerThese little ghd gift sets are a great idea for birthday presents, anniversaries or even Father’s Day (coming up in June). The set ‘for her’ consists of a soft cream leather bag, a new ghd styler and the following travel size ghd products: guardian shampoo and conditioner, opulence mask, thermal protector and obedience cream. The women’s set costs £155 on the ghd website.

ghd gift Set for HimThe set ‘for him’ is very similar consisting of a soft brown leather bag, a mini ghd style and the following ghd products: tenderness shampoo, thermal protector, texture lotion and sculpting wax. The gift for him costs slightly less than the women’s version at £130 on the ghd website.

The bags would also be ideal for travelling – you can ensure your hair is always in tip top condition! Both male and female sets are also available at HQ Hair.

ghd Thermal Protectors

Monday, April 16th, 2007

ghd Thermal ProtectorsMy hair gets easily damaged when I use straightners so I never put any heat on my hair without spraying first with my ghd Thermal Protector. There are three options depending on your hair type; weak and damaged hair, dry and coarse hair or normal-fine hair. I have weak and damaged hair from too much colouring and I find that this product works really well.

Not only does it stop my hair from damaging so much, it smells great and leaves my hair feeling fresh and shiny until I wash it again. The ghd website consists of a whole range of products to help treat and protect your hair from straightners and other heated stylers. The Thermal Protector spray costs £9.95 and has lasted me since last summer.