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The New Alice Band

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Accessorize Double Strand Chain BandoBallet style hairbands, otherwise known as bandos are really big right now, and they’re great for keeping your hair out of your eyes, or just adding a bit of detail when wearing hair loose. Accessorize have got a huge selection, whether you’re looking for a smart, casual, or statement band. This Double Strand Chain and Ribbon Bando, costing £8, is perfect for casual and smart. The black and gold detailing is reminiscent of Chanel, and the double layer means it’ll definitely get noticed. The elasticated back means it’s easy to slip on, but you don’t need to worry about the chain getting tangled in your hair at the back.

Bandos are also helpful for creating sweeping updos – pulling back the hair at the front of the head will make the back look more voluminous.

There are plenty of different styles and detailing to choose from, so have a look over at Accessorize.

Exploding Kirby Grips

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Dorothy Perkins Exploding Stone ClipsKirby grips are, let’s face it, one of the most boring hair accessories on the planet. Annoyingly though, they’re also pretty essential when it comes to doing almost any kind of hair style, or even just keep your fringe off your face in the gym.

Luckily though, Dorothy Perkins have taken two of the humble grips and turned them into something lovely! These Exploding Stone Clips are great accessories, and useful too. The exploding effect rhinestone gems will add a sparkly detail. Wear them with hair down to pin the sides back, or add them to an up do for a bit of sparkle.

Clips like this are also great for accessorising an evening outfit as a change to, or as well as, a bracelet or necklace.

The Exploding Stone Clips cost £5 for a pack of 2 from Dorothy Perkins instore or online.

Vintage Style Hair Combs

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Accessorize Pansy Vine CombAccessorize have got a wide range of hair accessories at the moment, from clips to Alice bands, and even scrunchies!

Personally I think these vintage style combs are great. Vintage clothes are hugely popular at the moment, so why not extend it to accessories? Buying a vintage inspired hair clip means that you can wear the vintage look without worrying about catching someone else’s head lice! This Pansy Vine Comb captures the vintage brooch look with it’s stone embellished flowers and bronze effect. It can be worn on any length of hair – add it to the top of a pony tail for a nice detail, or sweep up a bit of hair and the side or back with the comb. You can also get it in a silver finish it you want to add some extra sparkle and bling to your hair.

The Pansy Vine Comb costs £12 and is available now from Accessorize.

Fit for a Princess

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

ASOS Stone Encrusted Crown Alice BandIf you’ve always thought that there’d been a mix up with your birth certificate, and that you are genuinely a princess, then this hairband should prove it to everyone once and for all.

This cute silver hairband is embellished with a stone encrusted crown that sits delicately at the side of your head, as a subtle reminder to anyone who might question your royal status! The hairband also has lovely padded tips to stop your ears getting pinched and rubbed, and has a shiny silver finish.

This accessory would be great for a fancy dress outfit, or for adding an unique accessory to evening wear, and of course, exerting your princess status.

You can get the Stone Encrusted Crown Alice Band from ASOS for £12.

On Trend and In Hair

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Urban Outfitters Oversize Patent BowOversize? – check. Patent? – check. Bow? – check. This cute Oversized Patent Bow from Urban Outfitters must be the most on trend hair accessory I’ve seen all season. It covers three major trends all in one go, and you can wear it in your hair!

This is a great accessory for everyday wear, or for adding some extra excitement to evening wear. And it’s not kidding around when it says oversize – this little beauty measure 15 centimetres wide! It can be worn however you fancy, clipped onto the side of your hair for the ultimate statement, or use it in a ponytail, a half -up-half-down, or use to hide the messy ends in a beehive.

It costs £8 comes in pink, yellow and black, although pink is currently unavailable. If you’re lucky enough to live near an Urban Outfitters you can hunt one out in there, or it’s available from their website.

Affordable Alice Bands

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

South Beach Rocks Daisy Satin HeadbandThe Alice band is definitely here to stay, and it seems the highstreet knows it. Add a bit of detail to a plain hairband and it seems the highstreet with charge anything from £10 upwards for it. Luckily you can still get your hands on this seasons hottest accessory without spending too much. South Beach Rocks makes loads of different accessories, including a range of hair accessories.

This Daisy Satin Headband costs £5.95 and has a great jewel flower detail on the side that sets off the black satin finish perfectly. The flower jewel is available in a slight blue tint, or clear. These neutral colours means it’ll match any outfit, so you can wear it with anything.

South Beach Rocks have also got some other great hairbands so have a look at their range over at HQHair.

Supersize Hair Clips

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Dorothy Perkins Animal Mix ClipsIf you’ve got thick hair like me, you’ll know that you need about twice as many hair clips as everyone else does to do the job. Whilst cute, ornamental hair clips and slides are great, they often don’t stay put in thick hair, or won’t clip shut. So I think the current trend for over sized hair clips is great, as they’re perfect for using on thicker hair and actually work on more than a few strands. I picked up a set at the weekend and haven’t stopped using them since, and they haven’t fallen out once.

These Animal Mix clips from Dorothy Perkins are brilliant. More exciting than plain old silver, you can use them as a feature or just use them to keep your hair tucked out of the way. They cost £5 for 3 and you can get a set online or instore.

Stock up on them while you can because as with all trends, they’ll soon disappear from the shops.

Johnny Loves Rosie

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Johnny Loves Rose Rose Pear Bobby PinsJohnny Loves Rosie is a brilliantly named UK fashion company who make unique accessories and jewellery. Created by Maryrose Monroe, the name is inspired by her parents, who are called Johnny and Rosie.

These Rose Pear Bobby Pins are great for adding a bit of sparkle to your hair, and are really versatile. You can make a feature of them by pinning back the sides of your hair with them, or use them to add detail to a pony tail or up-do. They’re also great for securing bits of hair that just won’t go in a pony tail in a stylish way. The rose crystal effect gives a vintage feel, and if pink isn’t your colour you can also get them in Crystal or Sapphire Crystal.

They’re retailing at £12 for 2 hair pins, and you get them from the Johnny Loves Rosie website.

Tangle Free Elastics

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Blax Metal Free Hair BandsBoring as they are, hair elastics are an essential item for anyone with hair long enough to tie back. However, they can often be quite harsh on hair, particularly the metal join that can often get tangled up and end up pulling out a clump of hair when it’s removed.

So haircare company Blax have managed to create elastics without the metal part! These revolutionary bands are completely metal free, and the two ends of the elastic are fused together seamlessly. You can get them to blend in perfectly with your hair colour, as they come in blonde, black and dark brown. The elastics are the perfect thickness for pony tails, bunches, or whatever else you want to create! Not having the metal part also means they’re less likely to stretch out of shape.

You can pick up a pack of 3 Blax metal free hair bands for £3.50 from HQ Hair.

Satin Bow Hairband

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Topshop Satin Bow HairbandHairbands are a great way to jazz your hair up when it’s hanging loose, and Topshop have got some great hairbands to add some drama to your hair with no kerbigrips or hairspray involved!

This Satin Bow Hairband is a really simply way to create the current bow trend sweeping the nation. The thin black band has a huge red bow attached, which means you can position it at either side and there’s no need to worry about it falling out.

Wear it during the day as a stand out accessory to a casual outfit, or wear it with a little black dress as a great statement piece.

It’s available in red, pink, purple and black so there’s one to match every outfit and mood.

At £25 it’s a touch extravagant for a hairband, but the bow is 100% silk and bows are a trend we’ll be seeing throughout AW08.

Available now from Topshop online and instore.