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Paul Mitchell Instant Spray-on Shine

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Paul Mitchell Spray-on ShineRecently I’ve been finding myself looking for articles in magazines, newspapers or even programmes on the television that are promoting hair products, so I can determine which ones to go out and buy. I much prefer to use a product that has been tried and tested, just like this one. It has been given a rating of 4/5 which is a great result.

It is an instant spray on shine by Paul Mitchell and will give your locks an instant healthy glow. It contains natural extracts to enhance shine without it looking too shiny that it then looks greasy. It is recommended to be used before straightening as it gives a silky texture. It is a pump spray that gives out a light mist which allows for light application. Use a small amount for ultimate results. Available from HQ Hair for £9.40.

Spoil Me

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Bed Head Spoil MeIf your hair is hard to handle and you find it is out of control with frizz and knots then this is the product for you. Bed Head Spoil Me is designed to de-frizz and smooth out your hair and will instantly restyle your locks for a new and fresh look. It gives a light movable hold so wont look as if you have used half a tin of hairspray! It is an anti-static product so it should banish your frizz problems.

It will leave you with smooth, soft and extremely sexy hair. You can use it on any hair length and any hair type. You can spray on damp or dry hair and it will leave your hair with a light citrus fragrance. Spoil Me can be purchased from HQ Hair for £10.05.

Bed Head Mohawk Gel

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Mohawk GelI remember when my brother used to gel his hair to spike it up and he always used to moan because within a couple of hours it would be flat again. Not only does this product create a funky spiky affect, it can hold hair up to about six inches and will hold the style all day. You only have to use a small amount of this product for a dramatic change.

Once you have applied it to your hair it works instantly, literally within seconds and will hold until the next time you wash your hair. It comes in a squeezy silver tube so its easy to get the right amount that you want to apply. Available for £13.20 at HQ Hair.

Queen For a Day

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Queen for a DayHave you got hair that’s lost its volume? Do you feel your hair has got too thin and you cant do anything with it? Well…..now u can! This cool product from Bed Head will increase volume and create fuller, shinier locks. It is a volumising mouse that comes in a fine spray and is to be used on wet hair, it even has a built-in heat protector for blowdrying and heat styling.

It comes in a plum colour can, not too attractive but it really does the job. I can’t really give my opinion on this product as I am always complaining that my hair being too thick, but for those of you with fine hair that long for thicker hair, give this product a go. It costs just £10.80 and is recommended by many salon stylists. Available at HQ Hair.

S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

S-Factor Creamy Molding WaxIf you want to style your hair but you’re sick of it looking greasy, this product from S-Factor could be the perfect wax for molding your hair. It will texturise and moisturise your locks while maintaining a firm hold and also gives that added shine. You apply it to dry hair and it helps fight the humidity so you won’t be left with a frizzy bush when is exposed to the heat.

It comes in a funky pot that looks like an eye toy you can get for Playstation games or even a web cam. That’s what caught me eye; the colour and the cool container. Tigi have a wide range of S-Factor styling products and many are available at HQ Hair for reasonable prices. The creamy molding wax can be purchased for £14.30.

Send Your Hair on a Power Trip

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Power tripPower Trip is a specially made hair gel that will mold and shape your hair, giving it added volume, dimension and great texture. If you work the product through your hair when damp, it will leave your hair looking shiny and gelled. If you apply to wet hair then blow dry if will give your hair volume and support, let your hair dry naturally and it will give your locks definition and texture.

It comes in a shiny silver tin that looks like a hairspray container. You can use it on any hair length or texture and it dries quickly, leaving no build up on your hair. It will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. Power Trip is from the Bedhead range at Tigihaircare and can currently be purchased at HQ Hair for £8.05.

Turn Down The Heat

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Braun Satinliner Hair StraightenersUs girls are always saying “the hotter, the better” but that only applies to us and definitely not our hair! These Satinliner Hair Straighteners from Braun have been designed to release a stream of negatively charged ions to neutralise any positively charged ions in our hair, leaving it frizz free with a natural shine. Clever stuff hey!

They will deliver perfect styling at a hair friendly temperature that won’t damage your hair. According to statistics on Braun’s website, 80% of women have confirmed that the Satin Hair range has made their hair noticeably shinier and smoother than any other styling appliance. The Braun Satinliner Hair Straighteners are available from Amazon for £46.66.


Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Tigi CatfightI can just see the fights starting when your brother or partner sees this in your bathroom cabinet. Catfight is a strong hold texturising gum that is suitable for all hair types, so girls you’ll have to hide this one from the boys! It has better results when used on short hair as it defines and separates the hair so it will give you the look you’re after.

Instead of leaving your locks looking greasy or knotty, this will define each strand of hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair so you can go for the beach look or the just got up look. Catfight is produced by Catwalk (Tigi) and is available at HQ Hair. It costs £12.45 and it comes in a funky ball shape pot.

S Factor Heat Defender

Friday, August 24th, 2007

S Factor Heat DefenderTigi just keep on launching wonderful products and usually they’re exactly what we’re all after. This flat iron shine spray is a heat defender and does exactly what the label says. When you’re going to use your straighteners to iron out your hair, this product will protect your hair from heat damage; it will also nourish your hair and add super shine.

You can use on wet or dry hair and it is UV protective, so you can use in the sunshine to protect your locks. S Factors Heat Defender will absorb the heat from all your styling tools and feed your hair vitamins, whilst adding gloss to your locks to make it look gorgeous. You can also purchase the colour savvy shampoo and conditioner in the same range. More information at www.tigihaircare.com.

Textured Chignon

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Textured ChignonStraight off the catwalk for Matthew Williamson this style will never go out of fashion, the chignon is a great way to style the hair as it looks sophisticated without trying to hard. Models on and off the catwalk have been wearing their hair like this for years for a natural yet chic look. There are so many diffrerent types of chignons these days but they all give the same overall effect.

Bumble and Bumble have kindly given us directions on how to achieve the ‘Textured Chignon,’ which involves exaggerating the back bun whilst still having a sleek finish on top. They have also recommended some hair products to help us along the way! Unfortunatley this style will only work on long hair.