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Supersize Hair Clips

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Dorothy Perkins Animal Mix ClipsIf you’ve got thick hair like me, you’ll know that you need about twice as many hair clips as everyone else does to do the job. Whilst cute, ornamental hair clips and slides are great, they often don’t stay put in thick hair, or won’t clip shut. So I think the current trend for over sized hair clips is great, as they’re perfect for using on thicker hair and actually work on more than a few strands. I picked up a set at the weekend and haven’t stopped using them since, and they haven’t fallen out once.

These Animal Mix clips from Dorothy Perkins are brilliant. More exciting than plain old silver, you can use them as a feature or just use them to keep your hair tucked out of the way. They cost £5 for 3 and you can get a set online or instore.

Stock up on them while you can because as with all trends, they’ll soon disappear from the shops.